From all the other offerings of world-class concepts and franchises. Our nightlife & entertainment wing has created a nightlife brand; Mantis – Club Dubai, which is a fresh in-house concept with a brand story like no other. The unique concept allows partygoers to experience an exclusive and Delphic nightlife venue which is based heavily on technology and sensuality of all 5 senses.

Mantis – is an inspiration from the praying mantis, the club via technology creates an experience like no other around all the attributes of a mantis. Mantis Dubai stands as the best nightclub in Dubai, the chic, exclusionary and fashionable story of Mantis Dubai makes it a fashionable impression in the nightclub industry. Mantis Dubai is a real representation of life in Dubai, it stands as the first and only nightclub concept from Dubai and is set to put Dubai yet again on the global map of representing as a futuristic, lavish and the most luxurious nightclub in the world.

Mantis club Dubai is a concept from party goers who have spent years in hospitality, entertainment and nightlife. Everything at mantis is derived by the experiences of clubbers around the world and merging these experiences with technology to create an experience which not only stands-out but stays for years to come in Dubai. Mantis nightclub in Dubai focuses to create a virtual reality the moment you step in our venue; The experience relies on the attributes of a praying mantis; 360 degree Stereo vision, Patience, Lightening speed, Camouflage, spirituality, mindfulness and balance.

True to its metropolitan locations and stylish appearance, Mantis is an exclusive concept. Whether one craves a night out, an out of the world experience or a glorious celebrity lifestyle; Mantis is the place to be.